The Company

Texcel Technology Plc, is an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) or Contract Electronic manufacturing (CEM) company,  focusing upon the design and manufacture of advanced electronic assemblies for customers operating in a wide range of vertical markets and located in the UK and overseas.

As an established provider of EMS services for forty years, with a worldwide customer base, we understand that customers have different requirements from suppliers, depending on their own internal business model. At Texcel, we strive to provide a professional yet personal service to all our customers, focusing upon high quality, technical competence, and excellent customer service.

Why Texcel Technology?

  • Fast turnaround prototyping to production
  • Fast changeover capability for low volume, high mix solutions
  • Placement capabilities, 0201, QFP, BGA uBGA
  • 9 stage reflow ovens
  • Specialist tooling and production engineering solutions
  • Aqueous clean & no clean process
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  • Flying Probe Testing
  • Functional specific testing, with test jig design & build
  • Conformal coating with UV inspection stage