'Can-do' attitude

“Our business requires fast prototype and production builds to high quality with a ‘can do’, problem-solving approach. Texcel fulfils these needs and more. Today’s military electronics market is very competitive and our success is based upon companies like Texcel that hit the mark.”
Product Development Manager
UK-based Military Communications Company

 Technical innovation

“We would like to take a moment to thank you for being a valued partner committed to excellence and professionalism in our joint pursuits to capture new ocean observing systems business. It has been a pleasure working with you and your colleagues at Texcel over the past several years. We have been, and continue to be impressed with the quality of your technical innovation in powering and remote telemetry system solutions during our joint ventures. This was especially evident during our recent and significant proposal effort for the University of Washington’s Regional Scale Nodes system and the technical challenges that we mutually overcame. As such, we look forward to continued business ventures with you in the future.”
Director, Business Development
International Sub-Sea and Defence Supplier.

Outstanding design and production ability

“There are a number of companies that can do electronic assembly work. Given the complete design and PCB layout, they can give you as many finished circuits as you want. There are fewer companies that can do the design but there are some. Texcel is almost unique in that it can do both mechanical and electronic design work and produce the finish product. Starting from a requirement, a crude circuit design or even the proverbial ‘back of a fag packet’ sketch, Texcel can finish off the design and come back with a tested product ready to plug in and use. This ability to do both design and production is what I value most about Texcel. The fact that they are nice people to work with and very accommodating is the icing on the cake!”
Design Manager
Major International Automotive Systems Company

Partnership approach

“My team and I are proud to have Texcel as our main supplier of electronic sub-assemblies. Texcel provide us with electronic design, prototype assembly, engineering support, design for manufacture, production manufacturing and complex system testing. We find this whole service from a single supportive supplier very beneficial for our business, and we look forward to the future opportunities that will jointly present themselves.”

General Manager
Marine Electronics Company