In partnership with two leading specialist companies, Texcel developed a revolutionary undersea observatory power and control system for the Canadian part of the North-East Pacific Time-series Undersea Networked Experiment (NEPTUNE).

The infrastructure contract for the shore fed, high power, high bandwidth cabled ocean observatory system was issued by the University of Victoria, following a thorough selection process.

The science nodes were designed to supply up to 9Kw of usable power and switch this to individual scientific instruments some distance from the nodes, in active areas where telecom cables would not be routed. Texcel designed the monitoring and control systems within each node and the management software to control the nodes remotely.

Texcel handled the feasibility study, the system design and circuit design, as well as producing the firmware and server software, and a providing a complete validation test of the whole system.

When deployed, NEPTUNE Canada will allow real-time monitoring of critical science applications, such as neutrino telescopes and tsunami detection systems.