Electronic Design and Product Development

If you’re looking for a truly cost-effective and time-efficient route to new product introduction, we can support you from any stage of the design process through to production. We can start from your general description, producing a functional specification, circuit design, firmware, PCB layout, housing, through to prototype build and, finally, production.

Practical solutions
Our team of multi-disciplined design engineers will work closely with you to create a feature-rich, reliable, repeatable production solution. We will always provide you with a fixed price to meet your specifications.

With design and manufacturing conveniently located under one roof, you save time, money and hassle – and our experienced team can identify and resolve any design problems early on in the process.

Why Texcel Technology?
Texcel’s comprehensive design services include:

  • Circuit design - analogue and digital
  • PCB layout using Orcad, Protel, PADS, Tango Pro
  • Enclosure design using AutoCAD®
  • Simulation using Spice
  • Concept design with 3D modelling using Solidworks®
  • Software, embedded software using VX-works, C, C++, Assembler and PC and multi-user software using .net, C, C+, Visual Basic, SQL data bases 

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